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Friday, June 17th, 2022

New Food Insights: Convenience by Design

We recently hosted a webinar on plant-based convenience foods, featuring a panel of industry experts. Nora Henning, Test and Lean Innovation Leader and Lean Startup Coach at Nestlé; Miguel Serrano, CEO of Vidyalto; and Pascal Bieri, Co-founder of Planted discussed the nature of convenience foods and how businesses can best integrate convenience into their product lines and marketing message. 

The panellists highlighted the importance of truly understanding the target consumer and the role that convenience plays in their life. By investing in the R&D phase of product development, businesses can craft a product that can be cooked quickly and easily, and be used in many different recipes. Without understanding consumer needs, businesses risk creating a product that nobody will buy or enjoy.

Aside from investing in the R&D phase, the panellists recommended focussing on communication and ensuring that the consumer is fully informed about the benefits of the product. At the same time, convenience products should spark ideas in the consumer’s mind at point of sale and be sufficiently versatile that consumers can add their own touches when cooking. 

Miguel Serrano

Convenience is about making people’s lives simple…It is not a feature. Convenience is a mindset.”

Miguel Serrano

CEO of Vidyalto

If you’re interested in learning more about the importance of consumer research and communication when it comes to plant-based convenience products, this webinar will prove invaluable. Click here to access the full webinar recording and summary.

This webinar was hosted as part of our New Food Insights webinar series. Previous webinar topics include marketing fails to avoid, influencer marketing, and trends in the plant-based industry. If you’d like to watch any of these, they are all available on the New Food Hub.

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