Food Service Support
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Food Service Support

ProVeg International works with mission-aligned companies to support them in 2 key areas:

Develop your Menu

ProVeg Food Services offers comprehensive services for both private canteens and the professional food industry. By modifying or adding to your range of offerings, you can respond to current trends in order to meet the growing demand for healthy plant-based meals.

Learn more about how we can help you design new meal plans and develop varied plant-based menu items.

Develop your menu
Image: AdobeStock / Jacob Lund

Image: / Jacob Lund

Expand your Knowledge

Whether you seek basic training, workshops on the subject of food intolerances, or sweet treats free of animal products, our wide spectrum of educational courses includes the right kind of training for you. 

Learn more about our bespoke training programs.

Key Food Service Projects

ProVeg Food Services has launched several projects to communicate the benefits of vegetarian and vegan lifestyles and to protect the climate and environment on a lasting basis.

Learn more about our key projects

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