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young couple having fun at restaurant, two diverse friends eating burgers at fast food and drinking beer

Heura’s #GoodRebels: a case study in building an online community

Perfecting your brand’s social-media presence is one of today’s most important marketing strategies…

cheese board

The future of plant-based cheese: Four key strategies to target flexitarians

Introduction It is no big secret that people love cheese. For many non-vegans, the popular…

Buyer hand with walnut packaging in the store

Three golden rules for front-of-pack messaging

Introduction Packaging, particularly front-of-pack messaging, plays an integral part of your…

supermarket aisle

Succeeding on supermarket shelves: How integrated-segregated product placement can promote sustainability and boost profits

Is it better for vegans and vegetarians to have a one-stop aisle shopping experience, where…

Organic Plant Based Burger Patties, produced by Organics and competing with Beyond Meat; available for purchase in a Safeway store in San Francisco bay area

Plant-based vs organic: what matters to consumers?

Introduction Flexitarians account for up to 90% of sales of plant-based alternatives.(((The…

Sales Assistant In Bakery Putting Vegan Label Into Freshly Baked Baked Savoury Roll

Webinar summary: Lessons learned from brands who veganised classic products

Veganising classic products is a great way for legacy brands to reduce costs and attract new…

Green concept with shopping leaf icon related to environmentally friendly organic shopping or ecommerce, sustainable procurement or purchasing, zero waste 3D Render

5 organisational changes to drive sustainability

Introduction Retailers are scrambling to enact their net-zero plans in order to keep pace…

Wagamama in Madrid

Wagamama: a case study

Wagamama is well-known for its Japanese-inspired menu, which is now 50% plant-based as part…


There’s no stopping the rise of plant-based meat – A look at the reported decline in refrigerated meat alternatives

Introduction Several recent reports have speculated that setbacks in the plant-based sector…

To V or not to V? How does ‘vegan’ or ‘plant-based’ labelling impact mainstream appeal?

Executive Summary To appeal to mainstream flexitarian consumers: Don’t use the terms ‘meat-free’…

Waitress and pub

Choice architecture in food services: drive revenue and increase sustainability with more plant-based meals for flexitarians

Executive Summary Food services can use proven techniques from behavioural economics to nudge…

women eating ice cream

Five ways to reach consumers through taste marketing

Introduction Research has shown that taste is the primary motivator for plant-based food…

woman eating Katja sweets

Katja: a case study

Katja is a Dutch candy brand that offers a range of products, including animal-shaped gummies…

green trolley supermarket

How to target flexitarian consumers with plant-based products

Introduction Flexitarians and reducetarians represent almost half of consumers in many countries…

Plant-based snacking: a lucrative profit opportunity

The pandemic increased demand for snacks among Western consumers – a behaviour that appears…