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formulating plant-based products

11 actions for businesses formulating plant-based products

Ingredients Spotlight Part II Insights to help you create and sell plant-based products that…

food ingredients

How much do consumers care about food ingredients?

Ingredients Spotlight Part I Shoppers want to know more about what goes into their food and…

plant-based dog food

Grasp these trends to drive plant-based dog-food sales

The pet-food industry has reached great heights in recent years, amassing an estimated worth of over US$91.1 billion. This is expected to boom to even greater amounts in the years ahead, with a large part of this growth due to innovation coming from the rising demand for plant-based pet-foods – especially those for dogs.

Oumph! taste-based marketing

Oumph!: using taste-based marketing to attract flexitarian consumers

Founded in Sweden, Oumph! is a plant-based meat brand that is steadily powering up the sector…

Protect your business's intellectual property

Why should you protect your business’s intellectual property?

In a recent webinar, ProVeg International partnered with Withers and Rogers, a leading UK and…

Unleash the potential of plant-based dog food with these three top tips

Plant-based dog food: a golden opportunity We already target flexitarians, vegetarians, pescatarians…

Mature man scanning barcode on product through mobile phone in grocery store

Nudge principles for retailers: How to encourage plant-based purchases and drive sales

What are ‘nudge principles’ and why are they useful for plant-based businesses? Download our…

Delicious chocolate Easter bunny and eggs on wooden background

Leverage Easter to maximise your plant-based chocolate sales

In the months leading up to spring, it’s impossible to ignore the enormous stocks of Easter…

Copyright or patent concept, intellectual property. Patented brand identity license product copyright. Granting of a property right by a sovereign authority to an inventor.

A ‘how to’ guide to intellectual property

This content was provided by Georgia Mann, an associate at Withers & Rogers law firm and…

CEO and entrepreneur are working on their laptops building a social media marketing strategy

Four actions for plant-based product manufacturers to navigate the cost-of-living crisis 

In our previous cost-of-living article, we learned about the ongoing effects of the crisis…

leverage the cost-of-living crisis

Retailers and brands: six steps to leverage the cost-of-living crisis and grow your plant-forward business

Cost-of-living crisis: a golden opportunity for plant-forward businesses? Upon entering a…

Farmer woman with laptop and landowner talking on field with tractor working in background at sunset

Webinar summary: Small changes, big impact: how ingredient decisions affect the sustainability impact of your products

In a recent webinar, our expert panel of plant-based professionals gave insights on how ingredient…

woman looking at business plans

8 Key statistics for plant-based businesses

If you're involved or interested in the burgeoning plant-based market, it’s vital that you…

New Food Hub roundup: Seven actionable insights for plant-based businesses

Over the past six months, ProVeg International has been using its innovative New Food Hub platform…

Use Christmas as a springboard for your plant-based products

Around the world, society is linked by time-bound and seasonal events, many of them centred…