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Expand Product Offering

Ensure that your products do not compromise on taste, texture, or functionality so as to establish long-term commercial success. 

Whether you’re looking to reformulate your existing products in order to offer more clean-label or plant-based options or you’re looking to launch a brand new product, ProVeg has you covered. 

ProVeg has extensive knowledge of plant-based ingredient offerings in Europe, across multiple product categories. ProVeg conducts tailored analyses and recommends key suppliers for your business, depending on your unique needs and challenges.


Determine how to effectively integrate plant-based ingredients into your current and future product offerings in order to leverage taste, texture, and affordability benefits, effectively meet consumer demands, and ensure a high repeat-purchase rate.

Access our comprehensive ingredients database and supplier network in order to inform your new-product-development and reformulation decisions. 

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The ProVeg Incubator offers the world’s leading programme for plant based and cultured-food startups. Based in Berlin, the Incubator aims to give emerging entrepreneurs the tools to create, collaborate, grow, and scale. With startup teams coming from around the world, more than 40 alumni of the programme have already launched more than 40 products and raised over €30 million.

Partner with our Incubator to:

  • Get connected to startups that align to your brand/organisation and are ready for investment.
  • Run customised and branded workshops as part of our programme.
  • Join exclusive events where you can meet our startup founders at the early stages of their development and build valuable relationships.
  • Benefit from increased exposure, including being featured at our events and in our marketing, comms, and PR campaigns.

Corporate Engagement Portfolio



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