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Plant-based labelling: how common labelling language impacts consumer perceptions of plant-based products

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How does the labelling of plant-based products affect consumer perceptions? Which terms for describing plant-based products are preferred by consumers?

In July 2022,  ProVeg conducted a survey in which 1,000 UK-based respondents described and rated their views on the following labels:  ‘animal-free’, ‘meatless’, ‘meat-free’, ‘100% plant-based’, ‘plant-based’, ‘veggie’, ‘vegan’, ‘vegetarian’. Discover the key findings by downloading the full report. 

When you look at the plant-based shelf in supermarkets you tend to see a plethora of descriptions from plant-based to meat-free to vegan. With more and more consumers choosing plant-based options it’s important for brands and retailers alike to understand which terminology resonates most with their customers to inform their future labelling decisions.”

Stephanie Jaczniakowska-McGirr

Director of Corporate Engagement at ProVeg

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