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Plant-Based Foods in Europe: How Big is the Market?

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Plant-based consumption is growing at record levels across Europe, according to the first and only data of its kind, published today by the Smart Protein project.

For the first time in Europe, retail scanning data (Nielsen MarketTrack) has been published and analysed in detail, comparing the plant-based-food sectors of different European countries. The Plant-based Food Sector Report by the Smart Protein Project takes a closer look at numerous plant-based-food categories, identifying the leading and most promising market segments.

Finally, we can see the tremendous growth of plant-based food in Europe reflected in concrete numbers. This report clearly reveals the huge increase in sales of plant-based food, providing a green light to the food industry to further pursue plant-based options.

Dr. Kai-Brit Bechtold

Senior Consumer Research Scientist

Plant-based foods in Europe: How big is the market?

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Watch this webinar’s recording and explore the unstoppable growth of the European plant-based food sector over the last three years. If you work in the food industry, you can’t afford to miss this webinar!


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