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Friday, May 20th, 2022

Plant-based food in Europe

Market and consumer insights for food-industry professionals

If you work in the European food industry, these are a must-read!

What does the European plant-based market look like? What are European consumers’ consumption habits and thoughts about plant-based food? Our latest reports draw on data from the Smart Protein survey of 7,500 citizens across Europe. We provide clear and actionable market research based on Nielsen retail scanning data and extensive consumer insights from across Europe. You’ll receive:

  • In-depth sales data
  • Market trends and the latest growth rates
  • Consumers’ consumption rates, behaviours, and motivations
  • Insights into consumer barriers to increased plant-based consumption


Not only is Germany the most important market for plant-based food in Europe when it comes to sales value, but it is also the country with the highest share of plant-based eaters and an impressive share of flexitarians. This report is a must-read for identifying business opportunities in the sector and examining German consumers’ attitudes towards plant-based foods.

Stephanie Jaczniakowska-McGirr

ProVeg International Head of Food Industry and Retail

Plant-based food in Germany

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United Kingdom

Among the analysed countries, the UK has the highest sales value in terms of plant-based meat and one of the highest shares of vegetarians and vegans. This report gives detailed insight into UK consumers’ attitudes towards plant-based food and highlights the most lucrative opportunities for businesses in the UK.

Jimmy Pierson

ProVeg UK Director

Plant-based food in the UK

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Plant-based food in Spain – coming soon –

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Plant-based food in Poland – coming soon

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