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Market & Consumer Reports

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ProVeg regularly publishes insightful market research, dedicated consumer surveys, and industry-leading reports. Download our latest publications below.

Communicating about cultured meat: a definitive industry guide

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The role of images in consumer perceptions of cultured meat

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Amplifying farmers’ voices

A transition to alternative-protein production presents a huge opportunity for farmers at a time when climate change is becoming a major threat to traditional farming livelihoods. Our report aims to amplify the voices of farmers and empower farmer-led solutions for a better future. 

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The future of the meat industry: Opportunities in alternative proteins

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Understanding the impact of the current global situation on the plant-based sector in Europe

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Plant-based food in Europe

Market and consumer insights for food-industry professionals:
What does the European plant-based market look like? What are European consumers’ consumption habits and thoughts about plant-based food? If you work in the European food industry, these reports are a must-read!

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Food and pandemics

By exploring the crucial connection between the current crisis and our animal-based food system, the ProVeg Food & Pandemics Report highlights how our food choices help to create a recipe for zoonotic pandemics.

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What consumers want

A pan-European survey by ProVeg International in partnership with Innova Market Insights, the University of Copenhagen, and Ghent University as part of the Smart Protein project analysed in detail.

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Plant-Based Foods in Europe: How Big is the Market?

Plant-based consumption is growing at record levels across Europe, according to the first and only data of its kind, published today by the Smart Protein project.

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European Consumer Survey on Plant-Based Foods

ProVeg International has surveyed several thousand consumers across nine European countries in order to identify priorities for product improvement and development based on consumers’ experiences of purchasing and consuming plant-based products.

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The Plant Milk Report

ProVeg’s first report on plant milk shines a light on the top-selling product in the entire plant-based alternatives market. Based on current studies, this detailed report explores the role that plant milks can play in terms of global healthy and sustainable nutrition, from producers through to distributors and consumers.

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