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reducetarian movement

Brian Kateman, the face of the reducetarian movement, on swaps and sauces

Brian Kateman is the President and Co-founder of the Reducetarian Foundation. In this interview…

Photo of Arnauld van Hees and Geannys Gonzales, the founders of HealthyProteins

Former pioneers in goat milk powder now drive plant-based proteins for specialty nutrition

Twenty years ago, Arnauld van Hees and Geannys Gonzalez were pioneers in the production of…

Beyond chicken tenders

The plant-based sector continues to explode into the mainstream

As the plant-based sector continues its relentless rise, it is exploding into the mainstream…

Sebastian Rakers Bluu Biosciences NFC Speaker Cultured Seafood

Bluu Biosciences: “Cultured fish is the alternative to overfishing our oceans”

According to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, 90% of the global fish population…

New Food Conference 2021 at Anuga: taking a look at the future of protein

Proteins are one of the basic building blocks of the human body. But what are the alternatives to the animal protein that currently dominates dietary habits in many parts of the world?

cultured salmon maki by wildtype

The market for alt-animal products continues to expand

As the market for animal-free food products continues to expand at an accelerated pace, the…

Building a synergy between traditional agriculture and cellular agriculture

Ilttud Dunsford, who previously established a speciality meat-processing business and is now…

Cracking the cheese code – the potential of precision fermentation

Cellular agriculture enables the production of real dairy proteins through precision fermentation…

Cellular agriculture – 2020 in review

This year marked groundbreaking progress in the cellular-agriculture sector. From investment…